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At Paragon Capital Partners, we believe everyone should have the knowledge of and access to financial strategies that will help them better protect their assets, take advantage of tax-efficient growth strategies, and plan for long-term healthcare so they can not only achieve, but maintain their ideal lifestyle in retirement. Watch this on-demand presentation to learn how our offer of a free second opinion can help you build a better retirement for more income and a bigger legacy.



Timothy Garrity, CFA


Founder & President, Paragon Capital Partners

Tim Garrity founded Paragon Capital Partners with the vision to serve clients who are looking to uncover and take advantage of every opportunity available to them that will help establish and maintain a secure, long-term financial plan. We introduce our clients to opportunities and solutions that they often did not know existed.

In many cases, we help clients significantly improve their opportunity to grow their wealth, protect their assets, provide for their family, and perpetuate a legacy for multiple generations.

If you have questions or are looking for a complimentary second opinion to ensure you are taking advantage of the most efficient and effective savings and wealth building opportunities, we would love to help.


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